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Neem Based Vermi Compost:

Neeem-Based-Vermi-Compost-5-kg-bag Scientists call it Vermiculture. You’ll call it magic after you see what worm composting can do for your plants. Worms (vermi) are the engineers of great garden soil. They ingest nutrient-rich farm yard manure (FYM or Cow Dung) and leave behind beautifully-finished, super-charged droppings called castings that nourish your plants.

Savvy gardeners keep worm bins inside year-round to turn their kitchen scraps into valuable Vermi Compost. Serious gardeners farm red-worms to add to their soil and compost heaps. However you use them, worms are truly the magic ingredient for richer, more fertile soil! And worm composting makes a great science project for the kids!

We prepare vermi Compost under the shade of 9000 neem trees standing in our farms’ boundaries which naturally add Neem Leaves, Neem Fruits and Neem Branches into our vermi Compost. These neem contents take approx 3 months to decompose and make a best quality of Neem Based Vermi Compost.

MVM-24 (Herbal Liquid Pesticide Spray):

MVM-24-5-Ltr.-Cane-copyOrganic weed and Pest control programs require a variety of techniques. How do you control weeds and Pests in your lawn and garden the organic way?

• Discourage or block their growth with barriers
• Crowd them out with desired plants
• Limit available water and light
• Hand weeding
• Use of natural, effective herbicides which break down quickly in the environment

At Soil To Spoon Organic Farming, we offer a high quality organic weed and Pest control product, and we call it MVM-24. MVM-24 is a composition of Neem, Haldi (Turmeric), Dhatura, Cow Urine (Gau Mutra) and like-wise other 24 items. MVM-24 can be used as liquid manure and we can spray it on plants to prevent them from all types of diseases. It further increases the useful Micro-organisms and kills disease spreading elements at the same time. It also prevents our environment from getting polluted and act as a hygienic food for plants. It ensures in considerable increases in production of plants, growth in size and taste of fruits and vegetables.

It is effective for all segments of flowering plants, vegetables and fruits trees.

Pressure Spray Pump:

Pressure-Spray-PumpsGet the kids outdoors and in the garden with their very own gardening tools. Pressure Spray Pumps to fit small hands, the right-sized gear; everything they need to get excited about gardening. And having their own equipment is a great way to instill pride and teach caring for one’s things. Make it a family activity… your kids will love it!

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