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The natural, active lifestyle doesn’t stop at your doorstep. Keep harmful, chemical-laden products out of your home and off your family with our unique collection of healthy living products. We offer solutions for the development of Organic Farming and Agricultural Practices focused on various soil needs, enhancement of microbial population of soil and making Earth a better place to live.

Valuable Advice (Free of Cost)

You want your lawn and gardens, the places where your children play and your vegetables grow, to be as safe as possible. Organic gardening — growing without the use of dangerous pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers — not only protects your family from harmful substances, it keeps them from the environment as well.

Growing without chemicals is the natural, practical way our great-grandparents gardened before the introduction of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers (many of which have since been banned) and the way our children will garden with their children. We have everything you need for growing and maintaining lawns and gardens naturally. Why garden the organic way?

  • To protect your family’s health
  • To help the environment
  • To guarantee a sustainable future.
Organic Products

Natural and organic products/ fertilizers are better for your plants — and healthier for your family! — than chemical fertilizer. Why?

• No harmful chemicals.
• They encourage the growth of beneficial soil organisms and promote healthier root development.
• They provide better balanced nutrition in forms more readily available to your plants.
• They add organic material, keeping soil friable, helping it hold moisture, oxygen and nutrients.

• They keep you and your family away from diseases like Hair Fall, Hair whitening, Low stamina, Slow Growth of children, Pre maturity, Cancer, Heart Failure, Liver Damage, Weak Eyesight, Asthma, Skin Diseases and many more, which arises due to Toxic Food.

Written Usage Methods

 We believe solving your problems by providing round the clock solutions for Organic Gardening. For which we provide written usage methods to Gardener in the language he could read and understand. If you yourself is the one who is taking care of your garden or Kitchen lawn then no worries our usage method chart can help. This helps you save your precious time, spend in discussions with the gardener and gives better result free of cost.

Training to Gardeners

Not all but few of the new Gardeners lack Good Gardening Skills for which they face many problems. We are not supposed to fire the one or ask him to leave and also that is not the solution. He could be trained, as here in Soil To Spoon Organic Farming we have a team of skilled Gardeners who are working into this same field for more than 20 years and can provide good knowledge/ training to deal with a gardening problems free of cost.

On Site Farming Solution

If you want our Product advisors to visit your place, analyze the problem/ location and then give you the right solution. We provide On-site Farming Solutions within the limits of city our office is placed, free of cost.

Areas of Service
  • Schools
  • Resort
  • Hotels 
  • Colleges & Universities               
  • Farmhouses
  • Nurseries
  • Households
  • Garden
  • Green-houses
  • Orchids
  • Landscapers
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